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Trends in Healthcare Payments: Ninth Annual Report

By InstaMed

Trends point toward the explosive growth of consumerism and how it will challenge providers and payers to rethink business as usual.

U.S. healthcare spending is expected to reach $6 trillion by 2027, at an average growth rate of 5.5 percent per year. Consumer payment responsibility remains a powerful driver of that growth with out-of-pocket spending reaching $365 billion in 2017 or 10 percent of the total National Health Expenditure (NHE).

Since this report was first published in 2011, the trends in healthcare payments have consistently shown consumers are paying more for their healthcare. In this edition of the report, consumer payment responsibility is again on the rise, but the impacts are reaching a fever pitch in the healthcare industry.

The healthcare industry as a whole has been slow to react to the increasing burden on consumers. The signs of dissatisfaction among patients and members have become clear. The following sections will detail the current trends in healthcare payments and the impact those trends have on the major players in the industry.

  1. Healthcare’s Blind Spot: Consumer Experience
  2. Providers Need Payment Assurance
  3. Pressure On All Fronts for Payers
  4. Threats to the Industry
  5. Survey of Industry Drivers

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