VBC Insights 100th Episode! Strengthening Culture as a Catalyst for Growth

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Celebrating 100 Episodes!

Within the healthcare industry, effective organizational culture requires building trust, nurturing collaboration, and positioning leaders to drive strategic and impactful change.

In this episode host Dan Marino sits down with Dr. Eric Velazquez, Professor of Medicine at Yale, alongside Doug McKinley, a clinical psychologist and leadership coach. Together, they explore the challenges and opportunities of strengthening the workplace culture in order to improve organizational effectiveness, financial performance, and overall patient care. Gain insights on the importance of vision alignment, a healthy culture, team collaboration, and the delicate balance between “steering the ship” and delegating responsibility.

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Value-Based Care Insights is a radio show on Healthcare NOW Radio, that explores how to optimize the performance of programs to meet the demands of an increasing value-based care payment environment. It is hosted by Dan Marino (@DjmarinoHD) and highlights recognized experts in the field and within Lumina Health Partners (@LuminaHP).

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