Digital Health is More Complicated than Most Software

Joshua Liu, MD

Co-founder & CEO at SeamlessMD
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Digital health is more complicated than most software because you have to create unique value for far more stakeholders who often have very different goals and incentives.

Let me explain…

Most tech solutions need to create value for two types of users: decision makers (who pays?) and frontline users (who uses?).

🧑 Frontline users: will this tool makes it easier for me to do my day to day work?

💰 Decision makers: will this tool create enough ROI to help us increase revenue, lower cost or lower risk?

Digital health makes this process way more fun 😉by getting a much bigger set of constituents involved:

👪 Patients: what will help me manage my health? Does my healthcare team highly recommend it?

👩‍⚕️ Clinicians: what is the best solution to help my specific patient population, BUT that also doesn’t totally disrupt my clinical workflow AND doesn’t mess up my already jam packed schedule?

👨‍💼 Execs / Administrators: what will help us achieve our business objectives, which goes beyond revenue, cost and risk, but also sometimes involves improving clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction?

💻 Digital / IT: what will align with our EHR-first strategy and ensure an integrated, unified digital patient experience with as few vendors and point solutions as possible?

This is what makes providing a digital health solution that effectively delivers value for all stakeholders really challenging.

But it also means you can be sticky and have lifelong partners if you get this right.

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