Health Innovation

Tips to Improving Data Visualization in Healthcare

By Catherine Richards PhD MPH – Data visualization in healthcare has been a topic of conversation for years, however, the industry’s interest and investments in that arena are growing as of late. The global data visualization market is projected to grow 11.6% by 2026 and reach over $10 billion…

RPM: Expanding Opportunities

By Matt Fisher – Remote patient monitoring is a form of telehealth receiving increasing attention and focus as a means of improving overall patient health and engagement. As a starting point though, what is remote patient monitoring?

Solving The Resiliency Puzzle

By Pamela J. Gallagher – For organizations and their leaders, the past year has been one of upheaval, intense challenges, and new opportunities. The word resilience has been on the tip of every leader’s tongue and the subject of many articles.

Dave’s Dispatch: Healthcare Hypocrisy

By David W. Johnson – This month’s song is our riff on Joe South’s 1969 megahit “Games People Play.” It’s a song about posturing, bravado and hypocrisy. It describes people who are “Never saying what they mean now. Or meaning what they say.” Our version emphasizes the need for healthcare companies to stop playing games and offer American fair, transparent and high-value healthcare services.

Patient Portal as a Provider-Patient Communication Hub

By Darya Efimova – In 2018, the healthcare industry saw an upsurge in patient portal adoption, with about 90% of providers deploying these tools, according to a report by MGMA. Though the tools are seen as an unbeatable advantage for patients, they are just as important for medical professionals. However, this point often goes unnoticed.

Will U.S. Healthcare Have The Same Success Rate With Chronic Kidney Disease As Native American Indians?

By Eric Tran MS & Donald Voltz MD – For years, hypertension has dominated the healthcare field, afflicting 45 percent of all adult Americans, inducing a number of lethal complications in patients across the country. Another disease that has gained renown in the world of healthcare is diabetes, afflicting 10.5 percent of the U.S. population with its own complications.