Health Innovation

Socially Distant Messaging

By Art Gross – The social media platform TikTok has become a mainstream method of learning dance moves. And some recipes. And maybe a silly dog video here and there. But what we didn’t expect it to become was a healthcare platform.

Shifting Care to Home or Remote

By Matt Fisher – When access to in-person healthcare service shutdown almost completely during the pandemic, the impact of remote patient monitoring, or remote patient engagement, was thrust to the fore. The positive effects have started to gain momentum as well with more evidence as to the actual health benefits.

5 Advancements in Stroke Research You Might Have Missed

By Devin Partida – With COVID-19, it’s easy to overlook advancements not related to the psndemic. February is Heart Health Month, which means it’s an ideal time to look at five recent developments in stroke research. Having a healthy heart reduces a patient’s risk of strokes.