Health Innovation

Another Mega-Merger: Is It Different?

By Matt Fisher – Announced merger of Kaiser Permanente and Geisinger through the creation of a new non-profit parent entity ostensibly focused on value based care. The merger, which is still only announced, will bring together two prominent players in the integrated network space.

How Data Science is Helping Oncologists Battle Cancer

By Patrick Cronin – Cancer is a condition that’s affected most people in one way or another, and finding ways to treat it has been the focus of the world’s top scientists and oncologists for decades. Researchers are making major breakthroughs using the power of data science.

Pushing for MedTech Innovation in 2023

By Devin Partida – IT professionals in every sector have a duty to accelerate technological innovation. Medtech is a unique industry rife with outdated tools while being the most desperate for advancement to meet a growing population’s increasingly complex health needs.

Biosimilars, Saving Costs on Specialty Drugs

By Tom Dorsett – As of April 2023, the FDA has approved the use of 40 “biosimilars”, which are a less expensive version of an advanced “biologic” medication. The rise of biosimilars is a major source of excitement as a way to control rising drug costs. But is the fervor warranted?

Data Digitization Is Key to Healthcare Transformation

By Rahul Sharma – Healthcare is continuing to accelerate its path to value-based care models where pay-for-value programs are supplanting the traditional volume-based fee-for-service system. However, VBC is not a miracle payment model that can automatically transform a healthcare organization, never mind an entire industry.