Health Innovation

How to Solve the ‘new normal’ EHR Implementation Challenges

By Liza Dzhezhora – Electronic health records have become ubiquitous in the US healthcare industry. However, the work on improving those solutions is in full swing. According to Fact.MD, the EHR market value is expected to reach $41.8bn in 2022 – 2032. What are the key EHR implementation challenges, and how to solve them?

The Consequences of Poor Communication in Health Care

By Stephen Dean – It’s shocking that communication remains a persistent problem within the health care industry. Despite the pandemic contributing to much-improved telehealth, as well as digitization, there are still major obstructions in communication avenues across the board.

Disrupting Healthcare Through Innovation

By Don Woodlock – Healthcare has always been an industry of technology and innovation. The list of significant advances which made a real difference is impressive: clean water, the introduction of anesthesia, the invention of the stethoscope, developing nursing into a skilled profession, germ theory, vaccinations, X-rays – the list goes on.

A Hybrid Approach to Overcoming Coding Staff Shortages

By Cheryl Cruver – Exacerbated by pandemic-induced burnout, resignations, and even terminations, staffing challenges remain throughout healthcare. Medical records, billing, and compliance are the fastest-growing healthcare white-collar administrative professions, according to the American Hospital Association…