We Can’t “Technology” Our Way Out of Healthcare’s Problems

Joshua Liu, MD

Co-founder & CEO at SeamlessMD
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We can’t “technology” our way out of healthcare’s biggest problems.

Yes, I’m saying that as a Health Tech entrepreneur. Hear me out…

Technology is amazing at automating and accelerating what humans WANT to do and are MOTIVATED to do.

This is key to understand because healthcare is inherently human.

Humans determine the incentives ➡️which determines what drives human behaviour ➡️ which determines what technology gets adopted and used.

So it starts with humans. It starts with us.

↪ Digital care journeys are useless if providers aren’t motivated enough to get patients more engaged.

↪ Remote patient monitoring tech will sit on shelves if providers don’t have the time or urgency to monitor patients outside the four walls of the hospital.

↪ AI models that predict risk of readmission perfectly are useless if there’s no expectation to use them in the clinical workflow. So if the AI flags that a patient is at high-risk of readmission, what’s the point if nothing is done with that insight? It’s simply a nice research project if left in that state.

That’s why when it comes to Digital Health Transformation, technology is the relatively easy part of the equation.

The hard part?

The human part. Things like…

↪ Changing policy to incentivize better access and quality of care.

↪ Inspiring the healthcare workforce to stay motivated despite all the challenges.

↪ Improving working conditions for healthcare professionals.

↪ Overcoming skepticism towards technology.

Do the human parts right, and the healthcare system will pull the right technology into adoption.

Do the human parts wrong, and it will continue to be an uphill battle for meaningful, lifesaving technology to be adopted.

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