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Ensuring Patient Engagement Technology Is Effective

By Daniel V Samarov PhD – In order to engage patients in their care in a meaningful and sustained way, patients must see the value in patient engagement systems. A static repository of information like a patient portal for receiving test results or sending secure messages doesn’t nurture ongoing engagement.

DoD/VA & GOV Health IT Summit

Starts May 12th – The 20th Biannual DoD/VA & Government HIT Summit was designed as a “Town Hall” full spectrum view towards the DoD, VA, and Federal’s efforts to provide Veterans a secure, interoperable and connected health IT ecosystem.

Outsourcing Medical Coding and HIPAA: What to Know

By Devin Partida – The medical industry consists of many steps to provide patients with the best care possible. Within this process, payments and coding present a unique challenge. Health care professionals often outsource medical coding to third-party professionals. Doing so, however, requires strict compliance with HIPAA regulations.