March’s Most Played Episodes

Healthcare NOW Radio streams programming 24/7, with a focus on health information technology and healthcare delivery. The station currently averages over 38,000 listeners per month and the companion podcast channel averages 72,000 plays per month. Below we have listed the top three most played episodes on our SoundCloud channel in the month of March including two of our popular podcasts and one of our radio shows. Combined these three episodes have over 877 plays!

Here are the most played episodes now on-demand:

#1 Health UnaBASHEd: Hal Wolf President and CEO HIMSS

Hosts Gil Bashe and Gregg Masters welcome Hal Wolf, CEO of HIMSS (Health Information Management Systems Society). They discuss his career trajectory, including tenure at Permanente Medical Group and goals for HIMSS going forward, as well as previewing the upcoming annual conference and exhibition in Orlando, Florida, from March 11th – 15th, 2024.

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#2 Healthcare Rap: Setting Up a Digital Health Transformation Team

Crystal Broj and Franco Cardilllo from the Medical University of South Carolina spotlight digital health transformation teams and how to set them up for success. Get ready for a super tactical discussion from one of the teams that’s leading the charge to incorporate digital health into the lives of those who are seeking and providing care.

All that, plus the Flava of the Week about Target rolling out a thousand new wellness products. Does Target see wellness journeys differently than the sick care industry, and how do we pay more attention to the merchandising aspects of healthcare?

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#3 4sight Roundup: News on 03-15-2024 – Private Equity in Healthcare: Con Man or Straw Man?

David W. Johnson and Julie Murchinson debate whether private equity ownership in healthcare right now is a con man or straw man on the new episode of the 4sight Health Roundup podcast, moderated by David Burda.

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