Digital Health & Telemedicine

Healthcare Apps, Data Privacy and Security Risks

By Susan Walberg JD – Healthcare apps have become increasingly prevalent, with people using them for counting steps, monitoring their calories, or linking to various medical devices, to name just a few examples. Since the COVID outbreak, however, and the explosion of telehealth as a healthcare option, these apps have proliferated at an insane rate.

Applying HIPAA to Digital Health

By Matt Fisher – The aim of the recent Getting Back to Basics post was to re-establish the key fundamentals of how HIPAA operates. To summarize in a sentence, HIPAA applies to certain defined entities working or interacting with healthcare information related to an individual.

Transitioning a Healthcare Facility to a Wireless Network

By Dan Matthews – Although COVID-19 jumpstarted the digital shift in almost every industry, the transition failed to completely take hold in the field of healthcare. Whether because the healthcare industry had bigger fish to fry or because security concerns ran rampant, some healthcare facilities have yet to make the complete transition to a wireless network.