AI’s Influence on Provider Verification, Credentialing and Enrollment

Date: Wednesday, April 24, 2024
Time: 1:00 pm ET


AI technologies to innovate healthcare delivery are rapidly being adopted and integrated as health systems and providers leverage AI and machine learning to revolutionize diagnoses, treatments, and disease management.

Yet for most health systems and providers, backend processes continue to be a fractured experience with deployment of a mix of siloed point solutions and fragmented technologies to manage administrative tasks critical to the organization.

On this webinar, experts from Provider Passport will discuss:

Highlighting Efficiency Gains: How AI implementation in verification, credentialing, and enrollment processes can significantly improve efficiency, reducing administrative burdens, and saving time for both institutions and applicants. Proper implementation of advanced technologies can reduce days, weeks and months to seconds and minutes.

Addressing Accuracy and Reliability: How AI technologies enhance the accuracy and reliability of verification, credentialing, and enrollment procedures, ensuring data integrity and minimizing errors in verification processes.

Exploring Future Trends: Provide insights into potential future trends and advancements in AI, enabling stakeholders to anticipate and adapt to upcoming changes in the field.

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Naveen Sharma
Chief Technology and Innovation Officer·Provider Passport

Naveen Sharma’s experience includes the successful launch of two healthcare SaaS platforms for healthcare administration, both in enrollment and credentialing. His team has worked with every specialty in all 50 states and has secured more than 300,000 insurance contracts for providers. This experience was the brainchild of Provider Passport.

Michael Suelmann
Chief Revenue Officer·Provider Passport

Michael Suelmann has 30 years of experience in the healthcare industry, ranging from startups to industry giants, holding key positions at organizations such as IBM Watson Health, Allscripts, American Express Health Systems and MedHost.