The Unique Nature of the Social Determinants of Mental Health

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Social Determinants of Health

Join host Shahid Shah and Malekeh Amini, Founder & CEO, Trayt Health, a digital health company focused on mental health, as they discuss the social determinants of health and the unique nature of the social determinants of mental health along with industry related trending topics.

About the Guest

Malekeh Amini, Founder & CEO, Trayt Health
LinkedIn: Malekeh Amini
LinkedIn: Trayt Health

Malekeh Amini is a veteran in the healthcare industry with more than 25 years in digital health services and a proven track record in entrepreneurship, strategy, business development, fundraising, and operations. Malekeh founded Trayt to help shift the paradigm in how mental health care is accessed, and delivered and supported in the United States due to her own experience attempting to navigate the health care system. Malekeh brings extensive entrepreneurial, fundraising, P&L, business development, operations, and strategic advisory experience to Trayt including experience with both SaaS and big data applications with a focus on scalability, and capitalizing on new business opportunities with deep knowledge of the healthcare industry and a strong national network of connections for strategic partnerships. At Trayt, Malekeh serves as Founder and CEO.

Meet the Host

Shahid N. Shah
LinkedIn: Shahid Shah
X: @ShahidNShah

A C-suite native that can easily blend in with technical and engineering teams that need to deliver revenue-generating solutions to the marketplace. Shahid specializes in bringing world-class CTO, CISO, and Entrepreneur in Residence (EiR) expertise to startups, business units and companies on a part-time (fractional) basis. With a rich background in regulated, safety-critical industries like Med Devices, Digital Health, and Gov 2.0, he possess a unique understanding of complex, high-demand products and services. With over 33 year of experience his areas of expertise span from in engineering, cybersecurity, bio/health IT, medical devices to government IT.

About the Show

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