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The Future of Patient Identity and Public Policy

Now on Demand Tell Me Where IT Hurts episode with host Dr. Jay Anders and his guest Mari Savickis, Vice President of Public Policy for the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME) to discuss patient identification, and why it remains a thorny issue.

Everyone Can Be a Winner

New On Demand Healthcare Upside/Down: With guest Bryan Carmody, MD, a pediatric nephrologist and associate professor of pediatrics at Eastern Virginia Medical School. They discuss how medical education is changing and what we can do to fund programs that better fill our communities’ needs.

Will Tech & Retail Eat Healthcare?

Now on demand, Hello Healthcare episode with Dr. Paul Keckley (one of the facilitators of the Affordable Care Act), Shari Campbell (a retail health leader), James Gardner (retail health policy analyst and marketing strategist), and more as they guide us through the ins and outs of the latest care delivery models.

Rethinking the Timing of Medical Diagnosis and Treatment

New On Demand Dr. Nick: The Incrementalist: With guest John Martin, M.D., Chief Medical Officer at Butterfly Network, Inc. who is revolutionizing the traditional practice of medicine by adding imaging capabilities to the doctor’s tool bag earlier in the diagnosis and treatment process of patients.

In the Trenches with Jen, Tom, and Jared

We asked our radio hosts to invite our podcast hosts on their shows to get to know them. On this episode, hosts Jen Jennings and Tom Testa from Overrated & Underused, are joined by Jared Johnson, founder of Shift.Health and host of Healthcare Rap.

Don’t Hit the “Easy” Button

New On Demand Healthcare Upside/Down: With guest Zack Robinson, the founding partner of DisclosedRx, a company that aims to improve access to prescription medication and make drug pricing more transparent.

Practical Automation for the Digital Age

New On Demand Dr. Nick: The Incrementalist: With guest Krishna Kurapati, Founder & CEO of Qliksoft. Krishna started his career in innovation and security and found his way into healthcare like many of us with connections and friends who were struggling with technology not working well to support the delivery of care.