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Health IT Product News Report March 2023

Health IT product news from Masimo, Alpine Health Systems, Boston Imaging, Experian Health, CVS Health, HandsFree Health, RxBenefits, Inovalon, FutureRx, Lucem Health, Proprio, Reveleer, Kalderos, VisiQuate, Wolters Kluwer Health and more.

The Future of Virtual Delivery Models

Now on demand, Health Unabashed episode with guest Ann Mond Johnson, CEO of ATA. They discuss the impact of the pandemic on adoption of ‘omni-channel (virtual) delivery models’ including remote patient monitoring, digital health tools and the provision of virtual care.

Health IT Innovation


Sharing Health Data Update March 2023

Moving our healthcare system into the digital age, better outcomes, controlling and reducing costs, and patient access to their health data. Our monthly HIE rundown includes updates on TEFCA, HIE networks, job openings and vendor contracts.

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Healthcare NOW Radio

Informed Skepticism for ChatGPT

New On Demand Healthcare Upside/Down: With guest Prashant Natarajan, General Manager and Vice President at They discuss the history of AI and its evolving role in healthcare.

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Healthcare Revenue Cycle and Finance

5 Strategies to Recession Proof Your Practice

By Travis Schneider – It’s essential to consider how an economic downturn may impact the healthcare industry. Although the ongoing need for medical care means people view healthcare as stable, and though it may experience the impact later than other industries, it is not immune from…

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Digital Health & Telemedicine

Analytics & Population Health

AI in Healthcare News and Updates

This month’s AI report includes news and updates from Artera, Zephyr AI, KangarooHealth, Care Angel, Aiberry, Transcarent, AION Labs, Vital, Lark Health,, Etiometry, Nuance Communications, Andor Health, Eko, and more.

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Health IT Security Privacy and Compliance

OCR Healthcare Report Released

By Art Gross – The OCR within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is responsible for enforcing compliance with HIPAA. As part of its mandate, the OCR annually releases a report on data breaches in the healthcare industry. The most recent report, which covers the year 2021, was recently released.

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