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A Payer’s Pathway to Outcomes and Equity

Each health and wellness consumer has a different journey, hence a different set of needs. A virtual first delivery of care model aims to provide access to healthcare services through digital platforms and technologies, such as telemedicine, remote monitoring, chronic care management and other mobile health applications.

This 10-page guide outlines the strategies for establishing a virtual first delivery of care model.

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How to Make Value-Based GI Care A Reality

A 7-Step Plan:
Last spring, SonarMD gathered insights from 10 experts in gastrointestinal care in The Path Forward for Value-Based Care in GI. Our experts agreed that fee-for-service still prevails in the GI space — but a significant opportunity to improve the quality and cost of care lies ahead for those ready to engage in a value-based future.

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5 Reasons Engaged Patients are Better-Paying Patients

At the most basic level, engaging patients means that clinicians and staff must first take time and effort to understand patient needs, and then deliver to the patient the resources that meet those needs. Find out more in this eBook. Download

Best Practices for Building HIPAA Compliant Python Applications

Python is one of the most popular coding languages used by developers for application creation. With an abundance of tutorials and debug code available online to guide developers, it is a relatively easy language to learn. The physical, technical, and administrative safeguards introduced by HIPAA legislation apply to healthcare applications written in Python. Download

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