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How To Harness Your Provider Data

by NextGate

The U.S. healthcare industry spends over $2 billion annually to maintain provider data.

Provider data – a physician’s name, services offered, managed care affiliations, and the like – is essential to the provision of healthcare. The industry relies on provider data for claims payment, referrals, sharing of patient information, hospital privileging, provider credentialing, payor contracting and network management.

Information needs to be not only accurate, but also attributed to the correct provider for quality and other regulatory reporting, shared savings, data analytics and consumer choice.

Today, provider data is rife with errors and inaccuracies as disparate systems struggle to
integrate or communicate with one another. Consolidation, lack of widely shared standards
for data definitions, and the growing number of sources contribute to poor data quality, leading to considerable frustrations for physicians and patients alike.

The need to harness high quality provider data is more critical than ever, as healthcare shifts focus from siloed fee for service medicine to value-based payment, care coordination and interoperability.

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