Health IT Issues that Deserve a Second Read – August 2021

One of the ways that HealthIT Answers is different from other media sites is the sense of community. The thought leaders in our community are good about sharing their thoughts on the issues of today. We publish at least eight guest posts a week now, so in case you missed some, here are the top ten read and shared guest posts in the month of August. You can also read previous month’s Top Ten Lists. Thank you for contributing and reading.

Most Played Radio Episode in August

From Empathy HIT, host Dr. Whitehouse is joined by Evan Elkin, Executive Director with Reclaiming Futures, a national public health organization focused on improving equity and justice for youth in schools, child welfare and juvenile justice systems. They will discuss how Reclaiming Futures have been studying and piloting ways to build a more equitable and effective, public health-oriented approach to youth justice.

Most Read Thought Leader Posts in August

Improved Patient Experience is More Critical Than Ever to Healthcare Organizations
By Greg Miller, Vice President, Industry Strategy, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Talkdesk
Twitter: @Talkdesk

COVID-19 delivered an unambiguous message last year to healthcare providers: Digital transformation can no longer be delayed. Providers heard that message loud and clear. In response to the events of 2020, 60% of healthcare organizations are adding new digital projects, while 42% are accelerating some or all existing digital transformation plans, according to professional services company BDO’s 2021 Healthcare Digital Transformation Survey. Continue reading…

Why True Healthcare Data Intelligence Depends on an AI-Powered Cloud
By Jordan Bazinsky, Executive Vice President Payment Integrity and Retail, Cotiviti
Twitter: @Cotiviti
Twitter: @JordanBazinsky

One of the biggest frustrations of the COVID-19 pandemic has been unraveling why we still lack the data needed to successfully contain the coronavirus outbreak. Amid testing shortages, especially in the early months of the pandemic, we saw advancements in our ability to predict where spikes in COVID-19 cases could occur and where hidden outbreaks may already exist based on trends in flu-like illnesses. Continue reading…

Buy or Build? Determining the Right Approach to NLP Adoption in Healthcare
By Calum Yacoubian, MD, Associate Director NLP Healthcare Strategy, Linguamatics, an IQVIA company
Twitter: @Linguamatics

The exponential growth in healthcare data in recent years has presented the industry with an ultimatum – adopt effective technologies to harness and make sense of growing mountains of information or get left behind. Vendors across the broad domain of healthcare IT, from care management to clinical documentation improvement, are increasingly looking to improve their offerings and customer experience by adopting NLP techniques to tackle these unstructured data. Continue reading…

A Checklist to Guide Your EHR Training Program
By Jodie Hilliker, Senior Director of EHR Services, DeliverHealth
Twitter: @deliverhs

Everyone knows the power of the EHR and how it has changed healthcare. Even so, nearly half of end users would like everyday use of the EHR to be easier and more efficient. That’s where training comes in. Any way you slice it, implementing an EHR without an effective training program will almost certainly guarantee a bumpy road to adoption and long-term use. Continue reading…

Unraveling the Mysterious Mutations That Make Delta the Most Transmissible Covid Virus Yet
By Liz Szabo, Kaiser Health News
Twitter: @KHNews
Twitter: @LizSzabo

Upon first inspection, the mutations in the highly contagious delta covid variant don’t look that worrisome. For starters, delta has fewer genetic changes than earlier versions of the coronavirus. “When people saw that the epidemic in India was driven by delta, they did not suspect it would be so bad or overtake other variants,” said Trevor Bedford, an evolutionary biologist at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Continue reading…

HIPAA & 18-Year-Old Patients
By Art Gross, President and CEO, HIPAA Secure Now!
Twitter: @HIPAASecureNow

As a parent, you might recall the first time that the doctor asked you to leave the room because your “baby is now a teenager” (ugh, cry, sigh…. joy?) and they have a few questions for them that they would like to conduct one-on-one and in private. Suddenly your brain races, ‘what do they need to know that I can’t answer?’ or ‘wait, what will my kid tell them that I can’t hear?’ Continue reading…

Tapping Digital Identity to Support the Rise of Retailization and Consumerism in Healthcare
By Alejandro Sangiovanni, Western Regional Manager, NextGate
Twitter: @NextGate

Healthcare’s heavy reliance on clipboards, signatures, and plastic ID cards can cause significant frustrations for patients and providers including incorrect patient matching, medical errors, repeated services, and poor communication. Today’s consumers demand convenience. The rise in urgent care clinics over traditional doctor offices continues to grow. Consumers want access to care on their terms. Continue reading…

Medical Grade Monitoring at Home
By Dr. Nick van Terheyden aka Dr. Nick
Twitter: @drnic1

On this episode I talked to James Mault, MD, CEO of BioIntelliSense, who started out as a Cardiopulmonary technician and found his path and career by way of a mentor, Bob Bartlett with the father of ECMO to become a Cardiothoracic surgeon. His early experiences drove his desire for more complete monitoring, closer to the experience he had in the Operating room with constant flow of patient data that drove decision making based on this wealth of data, but something that was lacking in the home care setting. Continue reading…

Top Three Takeaways from the 2022 Quality Payment Program Proposed Rule
By Matthew Fusan, Senior Vice President, Product, Azara Healthcare
Twitter: @azaraDRVS

The 2022 QPP Proposed Rule, which CMS released on July 13th, includes changes to the MIPS program that will make avoiding a penalty difficult, along with updates to the controversial APM Performance Pathway reporting requirements, and more insight into the MVP program. Following are three key takeaways from the Proposed Rule to consider as you evaluate how changes could impact your organization. Continue reading…

The Need for HIPAA Compliance in Health Care ERPs
By Devin Partida, Editor-in-Chief,
Twitter: @rehackmagazine

Enterprise resource planning tools are essential for health care organizations that need to automate and integrate processes across multiple verticals. Modern ERPs need to be HIPAA-compliant — otherwise, they can leave the organizations that use them open to violations. Facilities may also miss out on the benefits that come with this technology. Continue reading…