Devin Partida

Using AI to Optimize Remote Patient Monitoring

By Devin Partida – AI is the key to optimizing RPM and gaining access to next-gen care for patients. Integration care strategies can have incredible benefits for both patients and care providers. Ultimately, it can result in a better experience for everyone and more effective treatment plans.

Talent Tuesday: The Importance of Retaining Workforce Access to Health Care

By Devin Partida – The COVID-19 pandemic changed the world forever, including how employees work. More than ever, workers seek the flexible and remote opportunities they grew accustomed to during the pandemic. The pandemic also changed the methods of health care used by providers and challenged providers to adapt by creating telemedicine and other virtual health care opportunities.

How Geospatial Data Can Be Used in Health Care

By Devin Partida – Data offers many opportunities for improvement to modern industry, especially in the health care and medical fields. Throughout the pandemic, geospatial data has been instrumental in tracking the illness, its spread and its general impact.

How Can Technology Contribute to Equity in Health Care?

By Devin Partida – Technology is central to modern health care, including making comprehensive medical treatment equally available and accessible to everyone. Equity is a significant concern today, especially as data highlights persisting disparities among different demographics.