Devin Partida

MedTech Is Experiencing a Diversity Problem

By Devin Partida – Many industries, from cybersecurity to manufacturing, are facing diversity issues in the workplace. There are clear signs that marginalized groups are underrepresented. Consider technology industry — 50% of women in tech say they’ve experienced gender discrimination at work.

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Friday at Five: Trends, Tips, and Questions All in Lists of Five

Is five a magic number that people will click on to find out what’s on the list? Is it just the right number you think you have the time to read? I don’t know but there are lots of lists out there with 5 things you should know. We rounded up these to make our list.

Interoperability and Patient Access Final Rule: What to Know

By Devin Partida – As of May 10, 2020, IT specialists working in health care had to begin investigating how to implement requirements related to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Interoperability and Patient Access final rule. They have until 2022 to get it done, although specific deadlines apply for particular milestones.