Medical Grade Monitoring at Home

By Dr. Nick van Terheyden aka Dr. Nick
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On this episode I talked to James Mault, MD, CEO of BioIntelliSense (@BioIntelliSense), who started out as a Cardiopulmonary technician and found his path and career by way of a mentor, Bob Bartlett with the father of ECMO to become a Cardiothoracic surgeon. His early experiences drove his desire for more complete monitoring, closer to the experience he had in the Operating room with constant flow of patient data that drove decision making based on this wealth of data, but something that was lacking in the home care setting. An early pioneer in cloud based electronic health management and storage but ultimately bringing everything together to create innovation in the remote patient monitoring (RPM) where with BioIntellisense he has expanded the world of wearables and in home monitoring with medical grade sensors.

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This culminated in foundation of BioIntellisense who offer effortless passive monitoring medical grade wearable and how they achieved this status to obtain FDA approval for a medical grade wearable (The BioButton and BioSticker) which is designed to be worn effortless to remote data capture for up to 30 days of continuous vital sign monitoring that includes respiratory rate, heart rate, skin temperature, body position, activity levels, and sleep status.

Listen in to hear the journey to creation of these FDA approved sensors and learn how they approach the fundamental requirements to make the user experience effortless for the patient to capture data that is delivered in useable form to the medical team.

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