Art Gross

Common Healthcare Breaches

By Art Gross – When it comes to protecting your business, the approach needs to extend beyond the locks on the doors. Cyber threats are the highest risk to your patient and data security. So what are the most common healthcare breaches that you should be on the lookout for regularly?

Security Risk Assessment

By Art Gross – The HIPAA Security Rule mandates that covered entities must conduct a security risk assessment or SRA. This includes health care plans for individuals, government plans (Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare), and employer-sponsored plans.

HIPAA & Cybersecurity Insurance

By Art Gross – Healthcare businesses need to be aware of the requirements that come with a cybersecurity insurance policy. In a world of online profiles, splashy websites, and great social media campaigns, businesses can misrepresent themselves in more ways than one.

HIPAA Compliant Chat

By Art Gross – Being available to your patients 24/7 isn’t practical for most healthcare practices. Chat services can provide a response option or even resolution until normal business hours resume. Additionally, chats can offer initial patient care or registration services.