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Too Many Threats, Too Often

By Matt Fisher – It used to be that almost a day could not go by without the report of a phishing attack. Now seemingly a day cannot go by without a ransomware attack being reported. While phishing may be a route in, it is not the only way to get past an organization’s defenses.

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IPA in Healthcare: Our Year to Catch Up

By Pavani Munjuluri – When it comes to intelligent process automation (IPA) in healthcare, multiple stakeholders drive technology adoption. Payers, providers and patients all bring their own unique interests and perspectives on how healthcare should operate and in what areas IPA should be used.

Medicine Back to the Barber Shop

New On Demand Dr. Nick: The Incrementalist: With guest Andrew Suggs, Co-Founder of Live-Chair – addressing healthcare disparities through the community of trusted barbers and barbershops (long the center of medicine and in particular surgery).

15 Years of 10×10 (Ten by Ten)

By William Hersh MD – I like to believe that I have made many contributions to the field of biomedical and health informatics over the years, but I suspect the one that will most define my legacy in the field is the conceptualization and implementation of the first and still flagship course of the AMIA 10×10 program.