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The STAR HIE Program Shines

By Larry Jessup, Laverne Perlie, Daisy Moossa, & Terah Tessier – The Strengthening the Technical Advancement & Readiness of Public Health via Health Information Exchange Program (The STAR HIE Program) has made great strides in supporting public health agencies’ ability to exchange health information during times of emergency.

Virtual Care Intimacy

New On Demand Healthcare Upside/Down: With guest Claus Jensen, Chief Technology Officer for Teladoc Health. Claus identifies three key tenets of a fully integrated, “Disney”-like experience in healthcare.

How Can Technology Contribute to Equity in Health Care?

By Devin Partida – Technology is central to modern health care, including making comprehensive medical treatment equally available and accessible to everyone. Equity is a significant concern today, especially as data highlights persisting disparities among different demographics.