Health IT Issues that Deserve a Second Read – July 2023

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Most Played Radio Episode in July

From Harlow on Healthcare, host David Harlow speaks with Cindy Gaines, Chief Clinical Transformation Officer at Lumeon. If the EHR is the system of record, then Lumeon is the system of action. Learn about care orchestration.

Most Read Thought Leader Posts in July

Five Top Takeaways from HFMA Annual Conference 2023
By Beth Friedman, Sr. Partner, FINN Partners
X: @FINNPartners

The HFMA Annual Conference 2023 was recently held at the Gaylord Opryland in Nashville, Tennessee. The event’s online description promised the conference would “embrace the need for change.” And change is certainly required against the backdrop of declining profitability and 0.3% median year-to-date operating margins. Legacy financial and revenue cycle strategies no longer suffice. Continue reading…

4 Components for Long-Term Transformation
By Scott Cullen, MD, Executive VP of Strategic Innovation and Chief Clinical Officer, AVIA
X: @HealthAVIA

Health systems are facing new and rapidly evolving challenges and leaders are being pushed to innovate at the same pace as a result. Meeting the immediate needs of the system may seem paramount, but healthcare leaders must take a long-term, strategic approach to transformation to reap the full benefits. Continue reading…

Patient Customer Journey, Redefined: High-Tech and High-Touch
By Kathrine Williams, VP, Healthcare Services – RCM and Anne Barton, VP, Client Services, Sagility
X: @SagilityHealth

Hospitals and healthcare systems are well acquainted with the rise in demand for an optimized and frictionless customer journey—from a patient’s first appointment call to automated reminders, wayfinding, and essential provider information. And that’s because, by the numbers, an omnichannel patient experience delivers on customer loyalty. Continue reading…

The Silent Revenue Killer: Tips for Eliminating Overcoding
By Ritesh Ramesh, CEO, MDaudit
X: @MDaudit

Overcoding may net higher reimbursements for healthcare organizations, however the ramifications of getting caught far outweigh the revenue boost – and the likelihood of that happening are high as Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services continues its quest to ferret out fraud and abuse and recoup improper reimbursements. Continue reading…

The Medical Debt Pyramid Scheme
By David Burda, News Editor & Columnist, 4sight Health
X: @davidrburda
X: @4sighthealth_

I like to gamble. My favorite game of chance is craps, and my favorite place to play craps is in a casino in Las Vegas. I play with a fixed amount that I’m willing to lose. If I lose that amount, I never head to the ATM for more money or to the cashier for a cash advance on my credit card to keep playing. (Well, I did once, and that was it. No, it was twice. Wait, actually, it was three times but never again). Continue reading…

Medical Device Testing: Top 4 Methods
By Vitaly Prus, Head of Software Testing Department, a1qa
X: @A1QA_testing

Medical wearables device development is a dynamic field. According to eMarketer, over a quarter of the US population will use smart wearables by 2025. Besides, Market Data Forecast reports the size of the US wearable medical device market will reach $8.2 billion by 2028. This data proves the growing demand for safe and compliant medical devices to enter the market. Continue reading…

Adopting Automation for Prior Authorization: A Vital Step for Physicians and Office Administrators to Alleviate Patient and Professional Burden
By Teri Gatchel-Schmidt, Vice President, Consulting, SYNERGEN Health

In the pursuit of delivering high-quality patient care, the complexities of healthcare management continually present challenges and regulation changes. One such example is the Prior Authorization (PA) process, which currently overloads physicians and medical staff with considerable administrative and resource demands. Continue reading…

Drowning in Technical Debt? Uncover Big Risks to Patient Care
By Peyman Zand, Chief Strategy Officer, CereCore
X: @CereCore

Technical debt is on the minds of healthcare CIOs. In March 2023, CereCore sponsored an online survey of healthcare IT executives, all CHIME members, on their top concerns. In that survey, over 67% reported technical debt is a concern particularly around scope creep and costs, outdated IT infrastructure, problems maintaining systems or staying current with upgrades. Continue reading…

Eliminating Downtime and Ensuring Reliable Connectivity in Healthcare
By Greg Davis, CEO, Bigleaf
X: @BigleafNetworks

Telehealth is on the rise, and it’s not linear – it’s exponential. Internet downtime can severely damage your reputation, operations, and your ability to stay competitive with other practices and clinics, even if your services may be of a better grade. To stay connected in an increasingly global and digital world, you must ensure that your downtime is minimized or eliminated. Let’s take a look at some strategies to make this happen. Continue reading…

Why Capitation Contracts Can Benefit Providers, Payers, and Patients
By Lynn Carroll, COO, HSBlox
X: @HS_Blox

The dramatic loss of revenue by healthcare providers during the COVID-19 pandemic was a sobering reminder that healthcare organizations rely on the traditional fee-for-service revenue model at their own peril. In response, more provider groups are implementing alternative payment models built around financial incentives to deliver high-quality care efficiently and cost-effectively. Continue reading…