David Burda

What Executives Think of Their Own Health System’s Performance

By David Burda – They say the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. That sage advice apparently applies equally to people suffering from an addiction and people running a health system. A new study in the Journal of Healthcare Management reveals a big gap between what many executives think of their health system’s performance and how their system actually performs.

Talent Tuesday: Overpaid and Untrusted Healthcare Executives

Talent Tuesday: Brought to you by David Burda and 4sight Health – If an individual’s compensation is commensurate with their performance, then health insurance and hospital executives really stink at their jobs so says a new public opinion poll conducted by the U of Chicago HSPH and the Associated Press NORC.

Death by Revenue Cycle

By David Burda – I’d bet my family annual out-of-pocket maximum of $3,000 under my Blue Cross HMO that no other industry spends more on billing and collections than healthcare. Revenue cycle management, hospitals, health systems and medical practices spend billions a year to collect every dime they are owed.

Of Benefits and Behaviors

By David Burda – One of our mantras at 4sight Health is that we won’t change the way we deliver care until we change the way we pay for care. Providers will do what you pay them to do, and if you want providers to do something else, pay them to do something else.

Primary Care Predeterminism

By David Burda – Healthcare’s “it girl” right now is primary care. Everyone wants to provide it. Everyone wants to provide it in new models. Everyone wants to provide it as part of their omnichannel care delivery platforms. We can’t get enough of primary care.