Beth Friedman

Forward Thinking and Future Focused: Six Inspirations from AHIMA23

By Beth Friedman – I’ve attended over two decades of American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) conferences in my career. But this year’s event was remarkably different. At AHIMA23, the association’s legacy of ensuring data quality and protecting patient privacy met face-to-face with today’s most important healthcare issues—

Engaging an Innovative Mind Set

Now on demand, FINN Voices with host Beth Friedman and guest Wes Cronkite, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer at CPSI. Hear how Wes created the Dream Factory, secured executive buy-in, engaged stakeholders, and delivered rapid innovation to CPSI’s hospital and health system client base in record time.

View in 2 with Beth Friedman at HFMA 2023

In our newest Healthcare NOW Radio educational shorts, View In 2, Beth Friedman, host of FINN Voices set out at HFMA 2023 to find out just what vendors have to offer to help CFOs improve margins and remain financially sustainable? Take a Listen.