Health IT Issues that Deserve a Second Read – April 2019

Top10-200One of the ways that HITECH Answers is different from other media sites is the sense of community. The thought leaders in our community are good about sharing their thoughts on the issues of today. We publish at least eight guest posts a week now, on our three sites. In case you missed some, here are the top ten read and shared guest posts  in the month of April. You can also read previous month’s Top Ten Lists. Thank you for contributing and reading.

Most Played Radio Episode in April

From InterviewsNOW, host Carol Flagg talks with Kermit Randa CEO of Kaufman Hall’s Software Division at their 2019 Performance Management Summit about how actionable data is helping healthcare CFOs make more informed decisions in an ever increasing competitive environment.

 Most Read Thought Leader Posts in April

Third-Party Vendor Causes Breach Impacting 45,000 Patients
By Art Gross, President and CEO, HIPAA Secure Now!
Twitter: @HIPAASecureNow

Rush University Medical Center is feeling the impact of a breach they themselves did not cause. A third-party vendor is responsible for compromised personal information of 45,000 patients of Rush Medical. The breach was caused by an employee of the claims processing vendor when they inappropriately shared a patient file with an unauthorized individual. Continue reading on…

Overlays: Eradicating One of Healthcare’s Greatest Patient Safety Issues – Part One of Two
By Beth Haenke Just, MBA, RHIA, FAHIMA, Founder, CEO & Karen Proffitt, MHIIM, RHIA, CHP, VP of Industry Relations/CPO, Just Associates, Inc.
Twitter: @PatientMatching
Twitter: @BethJust13
Twitter: @kproffitt2

An overlay is one of healthcare’s most dangerous misidentification problems, in part because its infiltration into the medical record system can be so subtle that it often goes unnoticed until it’s unleashed in the form of an adverse event, HIPAA violation, or billing error. The co-mingling of two patients’ information within one medical record (overlay) and the dangers it presents have intensified with the proliferation of EHR systems capable of rapidly infecting multiple internal and external systems with erroneous data. Continue reading on…

In-Home Care Delivery Market: Ripe for Disruption
By Matt Dumas, Managing Partner, Chasm Partners
Twitter: @ChasmPartners

There is a perfect storm brewing in healthcare with trends that have combined to form tailwinds that are now poised to drive massive expansion in the home healthcare market. Even in the fast-growing healthcare sector, the home health industry stands out for its explosive growth. Home health spending is expected increase at a faster rate through 2027 than all other categories of care, according to a recent analysis from the CMS Office of the Actuary. Continue reading on…

OHSU Department of Medical Informatics & Clinical Epidemiology
By William Hersh, MD, Professor and Chair, OHSU
Blog: Informatics Professor
Twitter: @williamhersh

Data Science is a broad field that intersects many other fields within and outside of biomedicine and health, including biomedical informatics. Data science is certainly an important component of research and educational programs in the OHSU Department of Medical Informatics & Clinical Epidemiology (DMICE). Continue reading on…

A Storm Is Brewing Between CMS and Medicare Shared Savings Program Providers
By Velvet Thorne, LPN, CLNC, Manager of Care Coordination, HealthEC
Twitter: @HealthEC_LLC

A healthcare storm is brewing between CMS and Medicare Shared Savings Program providers who have not engaged with the agency’s value-based care efforts, an essential step in readying for the new “Pathways to Success” initiative. Just like stubborn homeowners who don’t heed the hurricane-evacuation orders of emergency officials, healthcare providers who have not yet aligned with CMS’s graduated program targets are living dangerously. Continue reading on…

Design Thinking for Healthcare and Medical School
By Dr. Nick van Terheyden aka Dr. Nick
Twitter: @drnic1

Now on demand, I am talking to Dr. Clay Johnston, MD, PhD, Dean, Dell Medical School and Vice President for Medical Affairs, UT Austin. Dr. Johnston has been the inaugural dean of Dell Medical School and is working towards a vision to create a new model for academic medicine that accelerates innovation to improve health and reduce inefficiencies in health care. Continue reading on…

CMS Information Blocking Proposal Points the Way to the Future of Health IT
By Luis Castillo, President & CEO, Ensocare
Twitter: @EnsocareCircle

It’s time to give you the 411 on information blocking. (for anyone born after 1985: 411 was a number you dialed in order to get information about a business or person whose contact details you didn’t have. And it still works! Try it some time). At the beginning of February 2019, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services released their long-awaited rules regarding patient access to their own health records, and they’re an absolute doozy. Continue reading on…

Business Associate Agreement Hot Points
By Matt Fisher, Attorney and chair of the Health Law Group at Mirick, O’Connell, DeMallie & Lougee, LLP.
Twitter: @matt_r_fisher

If an organization is involved in healthcare, whether as a provider, facility, consultant, vendor or in almost any other capacity, it is highly likely that HIPAA applies to internal operations and relationships with other parties. As should be well-known, when a relationship is established with one party providing services for or on behalf of a covered entity (this means a healthcare provider, health plan, or healthcare clearinghouse), then the party providing the service is a business associate. Continue reading on…

Why Are There Still So Many Adverse Drug Events?
By Dr. Gidi Stein, CEO, MedAware
Twitter: @MedAwareRx

The US has a medication problem. According to a study conducted by Consumer Reports in 2017, the number of prescriptions filled by Americans has increased 85 percent over the past two decades, while the US population has only increased 21%. The main issue with this trend is that the more medications a patient takes, the higher the risk they have of incurring a negative drug interaction, creating a more complex medical scenario. Continue reading on…

Safe Spring Cleaning: Tips for Properly Disposing of Data
By Noah Dermer, Security Officer, InstaMed
Twitter: @InstaMed
Twitter: @NoahDermer

This time of year always marks the start of spring cleaning in my household. I love spring cleaning for many reasons. Not only does it give me the chance to make new space in the garage, get the backyard ready for summer barbecues and rediscover all the books and knickknacks that had been hiding beneath my couch cushions all year — it gives a security guru like myself the opportunity to talk to healthcare organizations about the importance of proper cleaning and disposal of data. Continue reading on…

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