William Hersh MD

Annual Reflections at the End of 2020

By William Hersh MD – Since the inception of this blog in 2009, I have ended each year with a post reflecting back on the year. In the early years, a good deal of the focus of this blog was on the HITECH Act, especially its workforce development provisions.

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15 Years of 10×10 (Ten by Ten)

By William Hersh MD – I like to believe that I have made many contributions to the field of biomedical and health informatics over the years, but I suspect the one that will most define my legacy in the field is the conceptualization and implementation of the first and still flagship course of the AMIA 10×10 program.

Putting My Evidence Where My Mouth Is

By William Hersh MD – Although my career has mostly been focused on informatics, I have always considered evidence-based medicine to be a part of, or at least overlapping with, informatics.