Matthew Fisher

Not Ready for Primetime

By Matt Fisher – Generative AI and large language models continue to garner a lot of press, attention, and investment in healthcare. The promise is that such tools will free up a lot of time by offloading some tasks or potentially filling roles that remain empty at this point in time.

Will Penalties Drive Compliance?

By Matt Fisher – At the end of June 2023, the HHS Office for the Inspector General announced the finalization of the first civil monetary penalties for failing to comply with information blocking requirements. Will the possibility of enforcement make a difference though?

Control Access to Patient Info

By Matt Fisher – Snooping into medical records is a long established privacy concern. It is one of the classic examples of how a data breach can occur because it trades on an individual’s natural curiosity that must be contained. Despite snooping being a widely known concern, it still occurs.

Don’t Post That

By Matt Fisher – Social media and healthcare can be a productive combination, but not when patient information is involved. The power and reach of social media are nothing new, nor is the concern about the ready ability to spread misinformation.

Privacy Patchwork Challenges

By Matt Fisher – The scope of actual and proposed privacy regulators, laws, requirements, processes, and more keep expanding. The expansion is occurring at both the federal and state level resulting in an ever-increasing patchwork of requirements for organizations to be aware of and comply with.