Matthew Fisher

Access or Privacy: False Juxtaposition

By Matt Fisher – As the healthcare industry awaits a final rule on information blocking and enabling easier access to data by individuals, divisions are becoming more apparent between patients and individuals on the one hand and some portions of the healthcare industry on the other hand.

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Refresher on HIPAA Compliance

By Matt Fisher – The start of a new year represents new opportunities to refocus on HIPAA compliance efforts. Ransomware and phishing attacks seem to be drawing the majority of recent headlines, but a couple of human-based incidents have also come out recently.

Keep Security Front and Center

By Matt Fisher – As National Cybersecurity Month comes to a close, it should be stated that security and cybersecurity need care and attention all year long. To effectively protect data in an organization’s trust, security demands constant vigilance and an evolving approach to recognize the shifting nature of threats.