The Healthcare Leadership Experience

Episodes on Disruption and Innovation in Healthcare

This week we are highlighting five episodes you can find on Healthcare NOW Radio that focus on disruption and innovation in healthcare. From the Incrementalist, Healthcare IT Today, Healthcare Rap, The Healthcare Leadership Experience, and Voices of Self-Funding, the following shows shine a spotlight on innovation happening NOW.

Friday at Five – Top On Demand Episodes

Our radio station Healthcare Now Radio uses SoundCloud to house our shows’ archives and we’ve been tracking which episodes get the most listens. This week’s Friday at Five lists the episodes played most often on our SoundCloud channel within the last three months.

Hosts Discuss their Expertise in Telehealth

Every once in a while we find our hosts interviewing other hosts. Recently we found Lisa Miller, host of The Healthcare Leadership Experience on The Virtual Shift. And likewise we found Tom Foley, host of The Virtual Shift on The Healthcare Leadership Experience.