Friday at Five – Top On Demand Episodes

2022 Second Quarter Results

Healthcare NOW Radio streams programming 24/7, with a focus on health information technology and healthcare delivery. The station averages 38,000 U.S. listeners per month; our SoundCloud channel averages over 100,00 plays per month. This week’s Friday at Five lists the most played episodes on our SoundCloud channel within the last three months including one of our popular podcasts and four of our radio shows. Combined these five episodes have over 11,000 plays!

Here are the most played episodes now on-demand:

#1 The Healthcare Leadership Experience – Ray O’Kelley – High Performing

On this very popular episode of The Healthcare Leadership Experience, host Lisa Miller is joined by Ray O’Kelley, CEO & Founder of Healthy Contracts and Business Data Applications (BDA), Inc. Topics include the three steps to a healthy contract for healthcare organizations, the true definition of a contract review and why there’s no total AI solution for effective contract management. Ray also shares his four goals for working with hospitals and their contracts, and why he believes simple and accurate data is essential.

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#2 Voices of Change – Karthik Ganesh CEO at EmpiRx Health

On this episode of Voices of Change, host Katherine H. Capps talks to Karthik Ganesh. He is the CEO at EmpiRx Health, the industry’s only value-based PBM with a clinically-focused and tech-enabled approach to bending the Rx cost curve. Karthik is passionate about maximizing value at health service companies while also creating a culture of belonging that embraces new ideas and deliberate approaches to tackling key health care challenges. He joins us to discuss, “tailored care” aka treating the whole person versus just the symptoms, population health management and tailored programs, treating the pharmacy benefit as a medical benefit, and more.

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#3 PopHealth Week – Meet Atul Deodhar, MD, MRCP, FACP Part 2

On this episode of PopHealth Week, hosts Gregg Masters and Fred Goldstein again meet with Atul Deodhar, MD, Professor of Medicine and Medical Director of Rheumatology clinics, Division of Arthritis & Rheumatic Diseases at Oregon Health & Science University returning for part 2 of their discussion on his research. They also hear key takeaways from The American College of Rheumatologists (ACR) Convergence, 2021, including the latest updates in rheumatology research, treatments and developments in basic & clinical science.

#4 Healthcare de Jure – Lynn Carroll, Chief Operating Officer at HSBlox

On this episode of Healthcare de Jure, Matt Fisher spoke with Lynn Carroll, Chief Operating Officer at HSBlox, about the evolution of value based care from provider sponsored plans to current iterations, harnessing data to derive actionable insights, creating longitudinal approach to patient interaction, and making data actionable to manage flood that is available.

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#5 Healthcare IT Today – Is RPM Overrated?

Hosts Colin Hung and John Lynn discuss the question Is RPM (Remote Patient Monitoring) Overrated?

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