Hosts Discuss their Expertise in Telehealth

Every once in a while we find our hosts interviewing other hosts. Recently we found Lisa Miller, host of The Healthcare Leadership Experience on The Virtual Shift. And likewise we found Tom Foley, host of The Virtual Shift on The Healthcare Leadership Experience.

Tom taps Lisa to discuss 4 ways telehealth can improve hospital operations. and Lisa taps Tom to discuss the vital roles of telehealth, remote patient monitoring and chronic care management in a unified virtual care collaborative platform.

From The Healthcare Leadership Experience, host Lisa Miller is joined by Tom Foley, Chief Growth Officer at GenieMD and host of The Virtual Shift: Reimagining the Delivery of Care. His expertise is virtual care. As Tom asks, according to CDC data, patients only spend 15 hours in front of doctors in any given year, ‘’What happens to the other 8,745 hours?… That’s where wellness takes place.’’

From The Virtual Shift, host Tom Foley invites Lisa Miller, CEO and founder of VIE Healthcare Consulting to discuss the four ways telehealth can improve hospital operations. These include reducing hospital readmissions, high risk and elderly patients, innovative areas, and use in marketing campaigns.