Gregg A. Masters MPH

A Tragedy from Lack of Coordinated Care

NOW on demand, Health Unabashed with Gil Bashe and Gregg Masters discussing the “NMP” (Not My Patient, Not My Problem) problem in medicine, which refers to a culture where healthcare professionals may neglect or dismiss issues that fall outside their specific area of responsibility or expertise.

Having All Your Health Data in One Place

Now on demand, Health Unabashed episode with guest Ardy Arianpour, CEO & Co-Founder of SEQSTER. The idea of having all your health data in one place isn’t a new one. The decentralization of health data is a major challenge for patients and providers alike.

The Future of Virtual Delivery Models

Now on demand, Health Unabashed episode with guest Ann Mond Johnson, CEO of ATA. They discuss the impact of the pandemic on adoption of ‘omni-channel (virtual) delivery models’ including remote patient monitoring, digital health tools and the provision of virtual care.