The Role of AI in Digital Health Innovation and its Cybersecurity Challenges

A Conversation with Alex Koshykov

Gil sits down with Alex Koshykov, COO at BeKey, a Ukrainian/Israeli engineering company specializing in software and hardware development of digital health and wellness solutions. They discuss the state of digital health innovation, and increasing role of AI from a cybersecurity perspective.

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Episode Takeaways

  • Earlier programs tailored to digital health deployment in hospital systems and beyond weren’t necessarily HIPAA compliant and encountered other regulatory challenges. Software providers need to be cognizant of the complex global regulatory framework involved with the category.
  • Health IT, wearables, AI applications, and more are growing applications for digital health – often entrepreneurs have enthusiasm, but don’t know the health ecosystem or understand the framework they’re looking to participate in.
  • It’s very difficult to give predictions in this space, but home care, virtual clinics, and remote patient monitoring, is looking like the future of healthcare. Simple issues should be able to be resolved from home with the technology available now.
  • More data and vital information funneled to doctors is critical. Being able to do so remotely can be a game changer.


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