The Need for High Quality, Reliable Information that is Data-Driven

A Conversation with Yael Elish

Gil sits down with Yael Elish, CEO & Founder of Stuff That Works. Yael is an experienced and passionate entrepreneur, notably as a co-founder of Waze, where she led overall product strategy. She also founded eSnips and NetSnippet, and was part of the senior management team that took Commtouch public in 2000.

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Episode Takeaways

  • To make something truly unique and groundbreaking, you need the right team. Each member of the founding team at Waze was over the age of 40, with experience of both success and failure. They did everything hands-on and created something that the world adopted and responded to.
  • In the health sphere, unlike Waze, things tend to be constructed despite or even in spite of the patient/user experience. People are being sent on a confusing journey – when you enter the health system it’s like endlessly circling a roundabout.
  • Patients know about themselves and their condition, the treatments they’ve tried, what’s worked and what hasn’t, and access to their medical records. If you can bring all that information to bear at scale, you can make a real world impact.
  • When you have a chronic condition, you need to be able to interact with people like you – to talk to and connect with those who share your experience. The second thing you need is high quality, reliable information. Answers to questions are great, but what we’re lacking is a data-driven response that gives deep insight into a structured way. That’s the thinking behind Stuff That Works.


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