Is Digital Health a Risky Play for Investors?

A Conversation with Tjasa Zajc

Podcast Host: Faces of Digital Health
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Gil catches up with Tjasa Zajc, host of the ‘Faces of Digital Health’ podcast. She is is an internationally recognized digital health moderator, and speaker focused on global healthcare digitalization. She is a former healthcare journalist and a patient advocate.

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Episode Takeaways

  • With digital health investment declining and investors are focused on earlier stage ventures, there’s a concern that while there’s more interest in digitizing things, the challenge becomes how fast you can introduce something. It’s easy to do a pilot, but very difficult to scale for a variety of reasons. It’s also an open question as to what will happen with digital therapeutics. There was a lot of excitement a few years ago, but it’s died down somewhat.
  • Investors are seeing digital health as a riskier play than perhaps they used to. They recognize that clinical trials are one thing, but getting a treatment to market and bringing in money is substantially more difficult. That’s creating a tightness in the digital health start-up ecosystem. We shouldn’t expect as many unicorns in digital health as we might in other sectors.
  • The practical application of generative AI can be transformative. Consider the impact they could have scraping electronic medical records and looking at patterns, therapies, patient outcomes over time, and more. The technology has great potential application. It will never replace a doctor, but it can be a very useful tool that patients can apply at their beck and call.


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