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A Conversation with Ophir Shahaf

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Gil chats with Ophir Shahaf, Partner & VP Business Development at Israeli based VC firm and startup accelerator eHealth Ventures. eHealth Ventures takes IP and inventions coming out of the brightest entrepreneurs and innovators in the digital health space and helps support them as they come to market to make the biggest impact. They discuss innovation from a global perspective.

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Episode Takeaways

  • You cannot develop a product and say it meets market demand without engaging in the market. Even companies with considerable sales abroad working with the most cutting-edge technology needs to make a good introduction and understand the the digital health ecosystem regionally and locally.
  • People think digital and they think ‘social media’ or ‘cell phones’, but it’s more than that in the health space. It’s using information to make the system more effective and efficient so that more things can happen for patients sooner, and faster. We can’t lose sight of that when we talk about digital health.
  • The United States spends about 20% of it’s GDP on health. In Israel that’s about 7%, and the population lives on average 10 years longer. Israel is a highly digitized market, albeit with a much different insurance landscape. People suffer in fragmented, chaotic systems.


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