David Lareau

Recasting EHRs as Clinical Tools Rather than Tasks

By David Lareau – Electronic Health Records are generally viewed by clinicians as a technology that requires a lot of effort without providing much reward. Crucial information is scattered, and users spend far too much time trying to find it. Too often, they simply give up.

The Continuing Quest for Interoperability in 2022

Interoperability thirteen years in. 2021 did bring us the information blocking final rule and pandemic is still looming over healthcare and delivery. As always the health IT community continues to be bullish on interoperability solutions, but will we get there in 2022?

Will 2021 Bring Us a Value-Based World?

What will it take to really have value-based care? How people will get, pay for, and engage in their healthcare will truly be transformed and we can’t get there without health technology. That’s what our experts are saying.

Five Recommendations for Fixing Flawed EHRs

By David Lareau – Long before Fortune Magazine and Kaiser Health News published “Death By 1,000 Clicks: Where Electronic Health Records Went Wrong”, health IT insiders have recognized that EHRs are flawed and not yielding the quality care improvements and cost savings that futurists forecasted 20 years ago.