Conversations on AI, EHR Usability Design, and the Role of Nursing in Health IT Decisions

HealthcareNOW Radio Pop-Up Studio with Medicomp Systems

Join us on Monday, March 16th at 2 pm ET, as we bring this 30-minute virtual Pop-Up studio that was previously scheduled for HIMSS20.

On this event, we will talk with three of the leaders from Medicomp Systems on the emergence of AI, NLP and machine learning as the major technology buzz this year, how poor EHR usability design has contributed to clinician burnout, and the critical role of the nurse in health IT decisions.

Moderator: Dr. Nick van Terheyden, host of The Incrementalist on HealthcareNOW Radio


  •  David Lareau, CEO, Medicomp Systems
  • Jay Anders, MD, CMO, Medicomp Systems
  • Toni Laracuente, RN, CNO, Medicomp Systems