EHR Adoption

How to Solve the ‘new normal’ EHR Implementation Challenges

By Liza Dzhezhora – Electronic health records have become ubiquitous in the US healthcare industry. However, the work on improving those solutions is in full swing. According to Fact.MD, the EHR market value is expected to reach $41.8bn in 2022 – 2032. What are the key EHR implementation challenges, and how to solve them?

Recasting EHRs as Clinical Tools Rather than Tasks

By David Lareau – Electronic Health Records are generally viewed by clinicians as a technology that requires a lot of effort without providing much reward. Crucial information is scattered, and users spend far too much time trying to find it. Too often, they simply give up.

A Checklist to Guide Your EHR Training Program

By Jodie Hilliker – Everyone knows the power of the EHR and how it has changed healthcare. Even so, nearly half of end users would like everyday use of the EHR to be easier and more efficient. That’s where training comes in.

Getting the Most From EHR Virtual Training

By Terri Johnson – EHR implementations have gone virtual in response to COVID. And so has training related to activations, upgrades, optimization projects, and onboarding of new clinics or staff. Healthcare organizations have traditionally trained in-person with dozens of software experts for larger efforts such as a go-live.