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Unlocking Data Potential

By Dr. Nick van Terheyden aka Dr. Nick
Twitter: @drnic1
Host of Dr. Nick: The Incrementalist – #TheIncrementalist

On this special episode I spoke with David Lareau, CEO, Jay Anders, MD Chief Medical Officer and Toni Laracuente, RN Chief Nursing Officer all from Medicomp Systems. We discuss the challenge in healthcare of getting data to the clinical team that need it – so much of the content that has been created in the healthcare system is inaccessible to the clinical staff because it is hidden from view.

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By working with their partner emTelligent and linking their NLP engine to the Medicomp Quippe clinical data engine they have reached the point of truly understanding clinical content and have been very successful in picking up a diagnosis in a text document and highlighting clinical items that are relevant for that diagnosis providing a “relevancy engine”. This is so important in accessing the knowledge that is embedded in the data but is inaccessible to busy clinicians on the front line of healthcare. This need is even more pressing at this time where our frontline clinical staff is struggling to meet the clinical workload resulting from the COVID19 pandemic.

It is essential that we maximize the investment in the electronic systems that have been rolled out throughout our healthcare system but have to date struggled in liberating this data that has been locked away in unstructured by data-rich containers. Importantly this includes the nursing community that account for 40% of the clinical workforce, and has long been underserved but has always been critical to the patient outcomes. These clinical decision support tools are being made to nurses as well to maximize the amount of time that nurses have to complete patient care and work with patients, rather than spending their time searching through EHR and doing repetitive documentation.

Accessible Data to Fight Burnout
Listen in to hear how Medicomp is bringing the reality of bringing knowledge to the clinician at the time they need it to deliver on the triple aim of faster, better and cheaper delivery of care. Doctors struggle with information overload adding to the burnout challenges but need access to relevant knowledge and information about the patient. Hear how you can turn your EHR into a “useful tool” by supporting their thought processes as knowledge workers in our world of Digital Health.

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