William A. Hyman

Remembering William Hyman

William A Hyman’s final thoughts to us. Our sympathies go out to his family. We will miss his insights. Thank you for being a part of our family for so many years.

The 6th “Right” of CDS

By William Hyman – AHRQ has released another RFP for the development of Computer Decision Support (CDS) modules as part of its CDS Connect program. The premise of CDR Connect is that rule-based CDS systems can be locally developed and then shared as CDS “artifacts”.

The Many Promises of AI

By William Hyman – AI is still in the discovery phase of where and how it can be useful. But this still fledgling state has not stopped the many assertions of its wonderfulness, or future wonderfulness, or possible wonderfulness. Here is a sample of statements about AI.

Opaque Pricing

By William A. Hyman – Recently I was perusing the menus outside each of two side-by-side moderately high-end restaurants in my neighborhood. Both menus listed multiple items over different times of day, each with unequivocal prices.

Parsing Diagnostic Error

By William A. Hyman – AHRQ has released a Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) for research addressing diagnostic errors. Diagnostic error is noted to be a complex and data-poor arena with a lack of reliable incidence information and a weak understanding of contributing factors.