Health IT Issues that Deserve a Second Read – July 2019

Top10-200One of the ways that HITECH Answers is different from other media sites is the sense of community. The thought leaders in our community are good about sharing their thoughts on the issues of today. We publish at least eight guest posts a week now, on our three sites. In case you missed some, here are the top ten read and shared guest posts  in the month of July. You can also read previous month’s Top Ten Lists. Thank you for contributing and reading.

Most Played Radio Episode in July

On CTO Talk, technology expert Matt Ferrari discusses the issues, challenges, and opportunities transforming healthcare technology today, all from the CTO point of view. Tune in because when CTOs talk, health IT listens. On this episode, Matt’s guests are Conor Colgan and Herkermer Sherwood on Healthcare Aware Distributed Tracing – how to map your PHI across microservices, containers and Kubernetes.

Most Read Thought Leader Posts in July

Will HIEs Become the Next Route 66 When TEFCA Arrives?
By Buff Colchagoff, CEO, RosettaHealth
Twitter: @rosettahealth

With the ONC planning on releasing the next iteration of TEFCA this year, many HIEs are likely very concerned about the potential impact of this federally-constructed interoperability initiative. At recent conferences, we have repeatedly heard concerns about how there will be a list of winners and losers when it comes to TEFCA. What immediately comes to mind is the image of merchants on the old Route 66 being bypassed by the new and vastly larger interstate highways. Continue reading on…

Interoperability and Business Associates
By William O’Toole, Founder, O’Toole Law Group
Twitter: @OTooleLawHIT

To BA or not to BA? When a covered entity contracts with two vendors for interface software between the vendors’ systems each vendor is a business associate of the covered entity, no different than before the interface project. However, the interface project does not itself create a subcontractor or any other contractual relationship between the two software vendors and does not require a business associate agreement between vendors. Unfortunately the requirements and exceptions for business associate agreements are often not understood. Guidance and clarification are essential. Continue reading on…

The Chargemaster’s Role in Building Trust and Improving Operations
By Kerry Martin, CEO, Vitalware
Twitter: @Vitalware

A successful hospital requires that a patient has absolute faith in their ability to make the best medical decisions on their behalf, which includes medical expenses. This means that a hospital needs to be set up to provide informed, accurate descriptions of pricing for procedures, supplies, and medication. Thankfully, there are new charge description master (CDM) management solutions that help hospitals keep track of expenses and pricing data. Continue reading on…

CommonWell: The End of the Beginning
By Jitin Asnaani, Executive Director, CommonWell Health Alliance
Twitter: @Jitin
Twitter: @CommonWell

A little over six years ago, a group of EHR vendors came together to conceive of a unique collaborative effort with a single Vision in mind: that care data should follow the individual, regardless of where care has occurred – regardless of care setting, regardless of HIT platform, regardless of the barriers that have evolved as a consequence of our dysfunctional healthcare economy. As technologists, we had a chance to be enablers of meaningful change, and our bold idea was simply to seize it. Continue reading on…

Essential Metrics for Improving the Healthcare Access Center Experience
By Scott Andrews, Chief Customer Officer, Kyruus
Twitter: @kyruus

In this age of consumerism, traditional access center metrics related to “call times” are no longer the most essential metrics for measuring performance. Instead health system access centers should focus on metrics that better demonstrate opportunities to optimize the access experience based on the desires and expectations of today’s consumers. Here are a few metrics that access center leaders should be tracking to maximize patient satisfaction: Continue reading on…

10 Cybersecurity Tips for Small Businesses
By Art Gross, President and CEO, HIPAA Secure Now!
Twitter: @HIPAASecureNow

In 2018, 71% of ransomware attacks targeted small businesses, according to a report by Beazley Breach Response Services. It’s clear that small businesses are a cybercriminals favorite target, yet many remain unprepared to handle a cyber-attack. Is it that small businesses don’t care about cybersecurity? It wouldn’t be fair to make that assumption; however, small businesses do often overlook cybersecurity concerns. Continue reading on…

Bridging the Digital Divide: Expanding Internet and Rural Healthcare Access
By Scott Sullivan, Chief Revenue Officer and SVP of Worldwide Sales, GlobalMed
Twitter: @GlobalMed_USA

Internet access has been mainstream for about 25 years now. Since the days when almost every American household received an AOL installation disc in the mail, it seems the Internet has grown into a digital behemoth connecting every person across every nation. Political movements, social evolutions and some of the most powerful companies in the world have all started online. The Internet has impacted every industry – and that includes healthcare, particularly in regard to telemedicine. Continue reading on…

The Practice Implications of Patient E-Communications
By William A. Hyman, Professor Emeritus, Biomedical Engineering

There has been much discussion of the technology aspects of physician/patient electronic communications. There has likewise been frequent mention of the possible value of increased patient engagement and how this value can be captured and enhanced. What has received less attention is the demands on providers that active patient engagement entails, especially when it involves open two-way e-communication. Continue reading on…

10 Ways Telemedicine Supports Behavioral Health
By Joel Barthelemy, Founder, Chief Executive and Operating Officer, GlobalMed
Twitter: @GlobalMed_USA

Nearly one in five U.S. adults live with a mental illness – but only 42 percent of them receive behavioral health services. Cost, social stigma, inability to access care and other factors can all play a role in the ongoing crisis that is untreated mental illness. Many individuals with mental health issues can lead successful lives with the right support. Yet untreated patients can experience social isolation, relationship loss and chronic unemployment. Continue reading on…

Insights from the Final 2018 QPP Performance Feedback Reports
By Leslie Athmer, MBA, Director, Product Success, SA Ignite
Twitter: @saignite

The QPP Performance Feedback Reports for 2018 were released on July 1, 2019 and can be downloaded by logging into your QPP account. As confirmed with CMS, this report is considered your final score for the 2018 performance year. Below, I wanted to share some insights on the Feedback Reports that we have found from analyzing our customer base. Continue reading on…

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