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The Dawn of the Language User Interface

By Greg Kefer – Technology innovation is moving at an exponential pace. Think about what has happened in just the past 50 years. If you’re old enough, maybe you remember the Apollo Guidance Computer and how it helped astronauts get to the moon. It was 70 pounds of bleeding edge tech.

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Marpai Smart Health Summit

Wednesday, October 27, 2021, Tribeca Rooftop, New York NY Hashtag: #MARPAISMARTHEALTHSUMMIT From AR to VR, emerging technologies are transforming every aspect of the healthcare industry…

Where Do Our Data Go?

By Matt Fisher – Mobile applications in the health and wellness field represent an ever growing segment of the mobile application market. Interest in such apps is high as individuals seek to improve their own health and the availability of consumer wearable devices also becomes more common.

Advancements in Mobile Apps for Health Monitoring

By Luke Smith – As the world continues to evolve, so does the technology that makes our lives easier and more efficient. This is certainly the case in the medical field as companies continue to make new apps that not only help us stay on top of our health but also help us better communicate with medical professionals when we need them the most.