Mobile Technology Helping Healthcare Organizations Ease Pandemic Challenges

No healthcare organization or health system has been immune to the financial crunch of canceled procedures in addition to the higher labor and equipment costs needed to treat patients during the pandemic. Besides the direct effects of COVID-19, these stakeholders face many challenges including the availability of testing supplies, delays in test results, a weary workforce, and a frightened populace reluctant to receive care – even if they desperately need it.

This event brought two long time industry leaders to the table to explore how mobile technology can play a crucial role in encouraging patients to return to their providers to reduce cancellation rates and in return, keep critical revenue flowing.

The agenda for the event included:

  • Lessons learned so far in this COVID-19 world
  • How mobile apps can position your organization for a brighter future, as quickly and as safely as possible
  • How to be more prepared for when the next crisis hits – while differentiating your facilities in the eyes of the public
  • Leveraging best practices for securing buy-in of mobile technology

About MobileSmith Health
MobileSmith’s (@TheMobileSmith) integrated health ecosystem of patient and provider mobile applications deliver milestones directly to your patient with a time-based approach to facilitate adherence and reduce confusion or anxiety. Embedded into your EMR’s workflow, know when patients are completing assigned and required tasks for earlier intervention and recovery.Reduce cancellations and complications across episodes of care with the PeriOp Patient Adherence solution, an intuitive and patient-friendly mobile app for hospitals, health systems and ASCs to gain visibility and efficiency throughout pre- and post-procedural adherence.

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