Data Privacy and Security

Safeguarding Patient Privacy through Proper Record Disposal

By Art Gross – In the fast-paced world of healthcare, safeguarding patient privacy remains paramount. Yet, despite the diligence exercised in patient care, one area where vulnerabilities persist is record disposal. From the cluttered file rooms to the maze of electronic data, mistakes are made that can jeopardize sensitive patient information.

Managing Access Control in Hospitals

By Patrick Chown – The security of the hospital and its assets is a primary concern for hospital facility managers. A hospital houses vulnerable patients, regulated drugs, and plenty of sensitive data. Safeguarding these from any malicious actors is critical to ensure smooth hospital operations.

Garbage Can Cause HIPAA Issues

By Matt Fisher – Throwing out the trash is an everyday occurrence whether in personal or business life. However, when it comes to healthcare organizations, it is necessary to think about what trash goes where. The consideration goes beyond the difference between regular waste and hazardous medical waste.