Restructuring the OCR

By Art Gross – The Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights is responsible for enforcing and protecting civil rights and privacy rights in the healthcare industry. With the increasing number of complaints and reviews regarding HIPAA and the HITECH Act, the OCR has recently undergone…

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Safe Harbor Bill

By Art Gross – In our blog earlier last year that provided an overview of 2009’s HITECH Act we discussed how this was designed to promote the use of electronic health records within the healthcare system and its providers. As is with most things, time goes on and often reveals…

Annual Reflections at the End of 2018

By William Hersh MD – I always use my last posting of the year to this blog to reflect on the year past. As I have noted each year, this blog started at the time of a major transformation for the informatics field, namely the HITECH Act.

The EHR Strikes Back!

By William Hersh MD – The last few years have been challenging for the EHR. While the HITECH Act succeeded in transitioning the US healthcare system mostly away from paper, the resulting electronic systems created a number of new problems.