healthcare consumer

Putting a Price Tag on Healthcare Middlemen

By David Burda – Healthcare middlemen like group purchasing organizations, distributors and pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) add costs to our already bloated healthcare system, not subtract costs through savings like they claim. If you don’t believe me, read this short but telling research letter in JAMA Health Forum.

Wary Patients Make Good Healthcare Consumers

By David Burda – What I looked for in the Rock Health survey were any signs that patients are assertively using technology to interact with businesses in the healthcare industry like they use technology as consumers to interact with businesses in other industries like banking or retail goods.

Telemedicine Travels Well

By David Burda – Yes, it’s another sports analogy to describe a market phenomenon in healthcare. In sports, when we say, “defense travels well,” we mean defense plays as well on the road as it does at home. Unlike offense, which plays better at home than it does on the road.