Patient Experience

AHRQ Swings and Misses on New Patient Safety Report

By David Burda – As I’ve said before, healthcare providers know how to make patient care as safe as possible. They just lack the total commitment and the right financial incentives to do so. With that bias in mind, another report destined for an email or file folder is out on how to make care safer.

The Why Behind the Work: CommonWell Execs Get Real About Health IT

By Jennifer Smith – Everyone has a story for why they are involved in health IT. Some fell into it by accident. Others love the complexity and the opportunity to solve unique challenges. Regardless of how it came to be, almost everyone has a personal health experience (or experiences!) that fuels their passion for this important work.

Enhancing the Post-Pandemic Patient Experience

By Clay Anderson – Healthcare has shifted over the past year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Elective surgeries came to a halt, visitor restrictions were put in place, ‘telehealth’ became a familiar word in the patient’s lexicon, and the world’s view of healthcare and its workers changed.