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Telehealth: The Wild West

Jim Tate – In the early days of EHR adoption providers found it almost impossible to decide which system to purchase. There were no standards regarding the functionality that should be included. It was the Wild West and without a consensus definition of what made up a “Complete EHR” providers were in a sea of confusion and disappointment.

Health IT Innovation

Driving the Decade of Data: Healthcare Trends 2020

By Rich Herrington & Mary Rose Avila – Over the past decade, a shift has occurred within the healthcare industry. Patients have become empowered as cultural changes, increasing care options, and policy adjustments enable populations to make informed decisions about their care.

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HealthcareNOW Radio

Virtual Caregiver for an Aging Population

New On Demand Dr. Nick: The Incrementalist: With guest Timothy Washburn, RN the Chief Clinical Officer for Electronic Caregiver about their solutions for virtual caregiving solutions including Addison, their 3D Virtual caregiver.

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Healthcare Revenue Cycle and Finance

Digital Health & Telemedicine

How Interoperability Can Unlock the Potential of Telehealth

By Drew Ivan – The use of telehealth has grown exponentially since the spread of Covid-19. With the surge of virtual visits, it’s crucial that health IT vendors creating telehealth solutions — as well as providers who are adding telehealth platforms to their practices — ensure their IT infrastructure is set up to handle new data flows.

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Analytics & Population Health

Sorting out AI, ML, DL, and NLP

This is our ongoing reporting on how AI is being integrated into healthcare technology. We are seeking out the thought leaders and innovations that are moving the needle forward which include SAS, DreaMed Diabetes, Texas Children’s Hospital, Deep Lens, Massive Bio, M6Connect, Sharp HealthCare,, Healthstat, VivaLNK, Current Health, Exactech & KenSci.

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Health IT Security Privacy and Compliance

Security Awareness: How to Remain Safe While Working from Home

By Anthony Murray – As our current climate continues to change day by day, I thought it would be beneficial to share some best practices for security awareness. While this is certainly not all encompassing, many of these practices can be applied not only to your organizations, but also in your personal life as well.

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