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2nd Annual DirectTrust Summit Keynote Speakers and Agenda

The virtual Second Annual DirectTrust Summit, June 9-10 will bring together an array of healthcare industry leaders to share ideas and best practices around improving health information exchange and interoperability. The two-day event ensures a robust learning and networking experience for attendees.

Congress Said COVID-19 Tests Should Be Free — But Who’s Paying?

By Blake Farmer – Hospitals around the country are afraid to send out hundreds of thousands of bills related to COVID-19 testing. That’s because Congress mandated there would be no copays and no out-of-pocket costs for patients. But many employers with self-funded health plans seem to believe they’re exempt from the rules.

Health IT Innovation

Make COVID-19 “All Hands On Deck” More Than a Rallying Cry

By Katherine Capps – “All hands on deck!” has been the call to action over the last several weeks. And health care workers are indeed putting themselves “on deck.” But there’s a problem. It’s certainly not our brave health care workers; it’s the health care delivery system—broken and wounded.

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State HIE News and Updates 5-26-20

State HIEs come in all shapes and sizes but have one thing in common: To improve the quality, safety and efficiency of health care delivered in their states. Check in on the latest news and updates being reported by these organizations.

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HealthcareNOW Radio

Virtual Caregiver for an Aging Population

New On Demand Dr. Nick: The Incrementalist: With guest Timothy Washburn, RN the Chief Clinical Officer for Electronic Caregiver about their solutions for virtual caregiving solutions including Addison, their 3D Virtual caregiver.

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Healthcare Revenue Cycle and Finance

Digital Health & Telemedicine

Analytics & Population Health

Sorting out AI, ML, DL, and NLP

This is our ongoing reporting on how AI is being integrated into healthcare technology. We are seeking out the thought leaders and innovations that are moving the needle forward which include SAS, DreaMed Diabetes, Texas Children’s Hospital, Deep Lens, Massive Bio, M6Connect, Sharp HealthCare,, Healthstat, VivaLNK, Current Health, Exactech & KenSci.

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Health IT Security Privacy and Compliance

COVID-19 Long Term Effects

By Art Gross – We’ve all had to make adjustments to how we work, how we live, and how we interact overall with humanity during the COVID-19 pandemic. This means that we’ve been stricter in some regard, and more relaxed in others (limiting screen time, who can be bothered?).

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