NeHC Releases Patient Engagement Framework

Model Supports Patient Engagement Strategies in Health IT

National eHealth Collaborative (NeHC) is a public-private partnership with a mission to advance the secure and interoperable exchange of health information nationwide. NeHC was established through a grant from the ONC to build on the accomplishments of the American Health Information Community (AHIC), a federal advisory committee under HHS. The collaborative is led by some of our most respected thought leaders in health IT.

On Monday the organization released its Patient Engagement Framework to support healthcare organizations in developing and improving their patient engagement strategies in a health IT environment.

According to NeHC CEO Kate Berry “We are at a critical moment when patient engagement is becoming increasingly important given the movement toward meaningful use and accountable care. We as individuals should be more engaged in managing and improving our own health. This Framework is intended as a guide organizations can aspire to as they move in this direction.”

Divided into a 5 phase approach, the Framework was a year long collaboration of over 150 healthcare, technology and human behavior experts. The Framework also shows the alignment to current and future stages of meaningful use.

NeHC hosted a webinar on Monday giving an overview and details of the model. You can view a recording and download the slide presentation at the NeHC website. You can view/download the Framework here.