patient engagement

Ten Million Missed Cancer Screenings

By Sarah Larsen – During the first year of the Covid pandemic, patients missed around 10M potentially life-saving cancer screenings. The CDC encourages health care professionals to minimize delays in testing by continuing routine cancer screening, and helping patients safely access screening through interventions such as navigation (both human and digital).

Digital Patient Engagement Offers Burnout Relief

By Gary Hamilton – The mass resignation of health care workers has left providers searching for answers. Employment in the industry is down by nearly 300,000 since February of 2020. This is not for lack of effort in maintaining the course; these are workers who often feel burdened to the point their only option is to exit.

How Should Healthcare be Delivered?

By Matt Fisher – How should patients be able to access healthcare services? The question is becoming more nuanced given the growth and expansion of telehealth. Prior to COVID-19 driving the implementation of telehealth, access to healthcare services had largely been the same for years. Access focused on patients going to a physician’s office, a hospital, or other facility.