Patient Engagement

RPM: Expanding Opportunities

By Matt Fisher – Remote patient monitoring is a form of telehealth receiving increasing attention and focus as a means of improving overall patient health and engagement. As a starting point though, what is remote patient monitoring?

Opening the Doors: Access to Records

By Matt Fisher – With the federal information blocking regulation now in full effect many prior hurdles that individuals faced in accessing their own medical records have been removed or reduced. Individuals can more readily request that records be sent to applications of their choosing or just get to their records in other ways.

Ensuring Patient Engagement Technology Is Effective

By Daniel V Samarov PhD – In order to engage patients in their care in a meaningful and sustained way, patients must see the value in patient engagement systems. A static repository of information like a patient portal for receiving test results or sending secure messages doesn’t nurture ongoing engagement.

Shifting Care to Home or Remote

By Matt Fisher – When access to in-person healthcare service shutdown almost completely during the pandemic, the impact of remote patient monitoring, or remote patient engagement, was thrust to the fore. The positive effects have started to gain momentum as well with more evidence as to the actual health benefits.